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Wholesale Commercial Development

OES pioneered the wholesale commercial property building and land development approach. This provides the maximum return on investment for our clients. These clients are typically those that have a facility need in mind. OES acts as their development manager performing all development tasks exactly like those we perfrom for ourselves. In this scenario the client receives substantial savings.

Development Management Services

From Site Selection Though Exit

All-inclusive commercial services are tailored to each specific land and building project. On behalf of our investment groups, OES 1) selects the properties, 2) determines the highest and best use of the property, 3) manages the civil, site, and architectural design, 4) preforms all analytics on the project, 5) obtains financing, 6) manages the permitting process, 7) obtains pricing and bids, 8) provides construction administration, 9) markets for tenants, 10) leases the properties, 11) administers the tenant finish out process, and 12) finalizes all project tasks through stabilization. Once the project is completed, the investment partnership either holds or sells the properties maintaining the property management efforts for its owners. OES maintains a cadre of investors as well as investor buyers for its stabilized properties. Cost control and project analytics: OES maintains a real-time cost database for the most up-to-date pricing available. OES continually maintains and updates its Master Project Cost Analysis Model. This MASTER becomes a living document that keeps track of the project’s financial activity.

Construction Management

Planning, Development and Construction

OES uses Value Engineering (VE) in the Planning, Development, and Construction process. The Design/Build Process provides numerous benefits from a time cost and quality standpoint. OES acts as the Owner representative from site selection through move in. Upfront cost and budget control is a paramount benefit of the Design/ Build approach. If you are interested in Building your own project, OES’s Design / Build services puts you in control by having an experienced team on your side. VE is a process that uses creativity and life experience to achieve quality results in planning, architecture, and construction to provide the best solutions without forsaking quality.

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