Investor Opportunities

Investors are selected to match their specific investment style. Our approach is conservative in order to protect the success of each investment and project. OES has maintained excellent Investor relationships throughout its history, gaining long-term respect and confidence. Respect driven by success. OES accepts qualified investors. Investment partnerships are formed through Private Placement Memorandums.


Initially, the founder and owner of OES funded most of its development activity. Without solicitation, various clients requested that they participate in ownership of the developments as investors, most of which are still active today.

Market Capture

OES’s primary markets include fast-growing areas driven by residential development along busy corridors. Understanding the growth trends and maintaining relationships with the area’s largest residential developers provides us with first-hand knowledge of the market and growth trends. Keeping up the area’s growth and absorption rates, population, and incomes are important in the land selection process and project success.

OES Target Marketing Approaches

OES maintains a master database of existing and target clients. We query this information to preselect Tenants for our new developments. These are contacts that we maintain a relationship with.

Underserved Markets

OES knows the fastest growing communities and those in need of our services. We have become known for developing Town Centers and “activity centers” in underserved markets.

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