Commercial Real Estate Investments

Office Equity Solutions offers this exclusive program to a limited number of clients, allowing our dedicated team to focus on your particular development needs. The program includes but is not limited to these special benefits:

  • Ground up partnerships with Office Equity Solutions are available to qualified parties.
  • Office Equity develops ongoing “in-house” properties and buildings for sale. Our preferred clients receive the “First Look” at OES developed projects.
  • OES  continually researches the open market for outstanding property & building purchases on behalf of our preferred clients.
  • On “owner owned” investment projects, OES provides development management services from the ground up. Services are all inclusive from conception thru project completion including tenant-leasing services.
  • OES researches the market for land at “bargain” prices. Based on our exclusive market growth modeling, we determine the best properties for our clients. OES researches “foreclosure and non-performing properties” for outstanding upside potential.
  • Development management services have become OES’s hallmark. This minimizes the risk for our clients. OES becomes your expert team, managing your project from initial site selection thru the move in.
  • OES acts as your asset manager on all of your property investments.


This program will give you ongoing priority as a preferred client. OES performs financial studies and detailed analysis of each property and actively seeks investment projects on your behalf. We will remain your asset manager on all projects, providing ongoing property management services. Keep in mind, OES is NOT your investment advisor, rather a land and building developer providing straight forward property & development services.